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Swinging Generation Profile Rules

There are few rules on this site, however, the ones we do have in place we expect to be adhered to.

With regard to the acceptance of profiles on the ad system there are a number in place. These rules are not to stop you having fun, but to protect everybody involved.

  • The inclusion of e-mail addresses, website addresses and phone numbers is not allowed.

To allow this would leave the system open to abuse i.e. the placing of phone numbers etc. that belong to other people! If you wish to swap personal details with other members please do so via the secure on-site mail system.

  • Cock shots on there own are not allowed.

You can obviously still place cock shots on your local swingers profile, however, we have decided that to do so you will need to place at the very least a full body shot to accompany it. A full facial photo is not required but just think how many times you have received a reply only to be greeted by a photo of some gentiles, let's be fair, all blokes have one, we all know what they look like and we don't all want to have staring off a page at us!

  • One liners will not get passed

We get loads of people placing profiles with the title 'Hi', these are normally the profiles that have written in the description box 'Hi' as well, these profiles tell the other members nothing about you or what you are looking for, they will never get a reply so why should we put them on the system? You don't have to be elaborate, just tell people who you are and what you'd like to achieve by being on the site.

  • Children, Animals, Rape, Bestiality etc.

Any profile found containing any references to children, animals, rape, bestiality etc. will not only be deleted but the details of the writer passed to the relevant authorities.

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